About Avelon


Avelon is an audio/video DJ that captivates diverse crowds with an ultra-creative blending style and unique live remixes. His extensive knowledge of most music genres and vast repertoire sets him apart in the world of professional DJs, music, and bands.

Also a combat veteran of the United States Army, his work ethic combined with his technical skills in sound, lighting, and equipment has always made him an great resident DJ. Avelon has held residencies across the Gulf Coast. Avelon is currently the resident DJ at Hard Rock Live #Remix in Biloxi, MS. His next most recent residency was for MGM International where he held an exclusive 6 year (annually renewed) contract as their resident DJ. The longest contractual agreement ever maintained by anyone ever in the position.  

Avelon is excited and motivated to bring his DJ performances to a club of festival near you!

Avelon is currently accepting bookings and you can currently see him performing live at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Biloxi, MS.

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